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The U.S. Financial Culture and its Worldwide Impact (with E. Nell and W. Semmler) 


The Financial Crisis of 2008 As Cognitive Failure (forthcoming), with E. Nell and W. Semmler, Berkeley Journal of Sociology, Volume 57: Critical Perspectives on Financialization.

The Legal Framework of Global Environment Governance on Climate Change: A Critical Survey (forthcoming), in Handbook: The Economics of Climate Change edited by W. Semmler and L. Bernard, Oxford University Press.

“Seeking Alpha”: The Performance of Funds of Hedge Funds, (with W. Semmler and C. Proaño), chapter in Funds of Hedge Funds (Februrary 2013), edited by G. Gregoriou, Elsevier.

Fund of Hedge Funds

Financial Reform in the U.S.: A Critical Survey of Dodd-Frank and What is Needed for Europe, Working Paper for the Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) at the Hans-Böckler-Foundation

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On the History of the U.S. Financial Culture (with E. Nell and W. Semmler), in Kulturen der Weltwirtschaft, edited by W. Abelshauser, D. Gilgen, and A. Leutzsch, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht (2012)

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Ponzi Finance and the Hedge Fund Industry: New Regulatory Prospects (with W. Semmler), Advances in Complex Systems (MAFIN 2010 topical issue)

Abstract: This paper presents a stochastic dynamic model that can be used to describe situations in asset management where hedge funds may inadvertently find themselves running a Ponzi financing scheme. Greater transparency is necessary to reduce such opportunities, such as audited financials, and disclosure of valuation methodologies. In that respect, new regulatory frameworks enacted by the Obama administration and the European Union are welcome developments.

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The Operation of Hedge Funds – Econometric Evidence, Dynamic Modeling and Regulatory Tasks (with W. Semmler), chapter in the book Financial Econometrics Modeling: Derivatives Pricing, Hedge Funds and Term Structure Models (Nov 30, 2010), edited by G. Gregoriou and R. Pascalau, Palgrave Macmillan

Memorandum on a New Financial Architecture and New Regulations (with T. Ghilarducci, E. Nell, S. Mittnik, E. Platen, W. Semmler), Investigación Económica, LXVIII (267): 147-161, Jan-Mar 2009, also published in METU Studies in Development, Vol 36 No.1 (2009): 253-269

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