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I am currently pursuing my PhD in Economics at The New School for Social Research, and most recently co-founded the New York chapter of Rethinking Economics. Prior to turning to academia, I practiced as an attorney for eight years in the financial services industry. In my last position, I worked as a Vice President with Goldman Sachs in the Tax Department.  Prior to working at Goldman Sachs, I was a manager in Transaction Advisory Services at Ernst & Young LLP, where I was involved in international due diligence with respect to private equity investments. I have also worked with KPMG in their International Corporate Services. I have a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Tax from New York University (School of Law) and a Master’s degree in Comparative Business Law from the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne in Paris, France. I was originally trained in law at King’s College (LL.B) and the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne (Maitrise).

Generally speaking, I am interested in three main areas of research:

The paradigm of “risk” and “risk management” in finance, and the regulation of risk. The cultural environment on Wall Street has evolved over time from a relatively risk-averse environment (the culture of trust) into a very aggressive environment where Wall Street came to view large risk taking as the norm (the culture of risk).

– The trend of rising inequality. In my current research, I am trying to run simulations of the evolution of wealth from the perspective of the portfolio management literature, testing for the impact of certain policy parameters (tax rates, cost of asset management), investor characteristics (risk aversion, discount rates, investment horizon), as well as the distribution of labor income, on the wealth distribution.

The study of the new era of finance capitalism we are entering. I have a strong interest in interdisciplinary research, drawing from insights in economics and social sciences (history, sociology and philosophy), as well as legal theory (corporate governance, financial regulation, international law), to analyze modern capitalism, financial markets, and business culture.  Some of the current trends I would like to study are the link between the growth of the finance sector and rising levels of wealth and income inequality; and the vicious cycle of high debt-to-GDP ratios in Europe and the U.S., with financial markets and private banks gaining increasing levels of control over governments.

Other Affiliations:

Rethinking Economics: I am co-founder of the New York chapter of Rethinking Economics and one of the organizing members for Rethinking Economics New York, part of a global movement (an international network of students, thinkers and professionals) to create fresh economic narratives that challenge and enrich the predominant paradigms. Our inaugural conference took place in New York, September 12-14, 2014.

NYU-Polytechnic: I am an Adjunct Faculty at NYU Polytechnic in the Department of Financial and Risk Engineering, where I regularly teach two courses: Investment Banking and Brokerage (FRE 6111), and Financial Regulation (FRE 6211).

The Brooklyn Institute For Social Research: I have taught a workshop, The Rosa Luxemburg / Political Economy Workshop, for The Brooklyn Institute For Social Research and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NYC. Please check out the Brooklyn Institute’s website for upcoming classes, news and activities.

The Institute for New Economics Thinking (INET): Please check out our blog (with Prof. Sanjay G. Reddy) “Reading Mas-Colell” on INET’s website.

I have also become part of The Culture of Finance Working Group at the Institute of Public Knowledge (NYU).